It’s rainy today and we are all a little under the weather. The boys have been watching Mythbusters and making projectiles from the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, which Bear (10) claims is the best book ever.

::::VTHRVTHRUMBLE::: occluding whatever Bear is muttering to himself next to me.
Me: Is that thunder?
::::VTHRVTHRUMBLE::: continues.
Me: If so, that’s the longest thunder ever. No.
Bear: What?
Me: It’s gotta be the neighbors moving furniture around upstairs.
Bear: Oh, I thought when you said “No!” you meant I shouldn’t make a bomb out of matches and tin foil.
Me: Oh. Ha! No.

Ten minutes later…
Me: Where are you planning to set that off?
Bear: A safe place.
Me: Where?
Bear: Um. I might need help figuring that part out.