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Yesterday Terran and I bused down to the Normans Kill, or, our favorite part of it and had a walk around. We identified lots of plants and some critters, notably failing to figure out what the giant furry spider we saw might be. Our best guess is that it was someone’s escaped tarantula because it had the wrong body shape to be a wolf spider but was the size of my fist and furry. Terran collected spiral shells like these and clambered off the path as often as I’d let him. We talked about backpacking a lot, Terran making plans for all of us. Then we walked the two-and-a-half hour walk home because I’d run out of cash for bus fare. That was pretty great too, but I have no memory of what we talked about, only that I arrived home with the sense that walking had been a Very Good Thing because it got him talking.

Today I took him to a festival held to kick off an American Indian political/environmental campaign. We did so much that I feel tired at the thought of recounting it all. Highlights were probably talking to Unity Riders and getting to sit on one of their horses, or maybe touring a reproduction of a historical tall ship and hearing the story of the original owner. There was also more tree climbing, of course. I mustn’t forget that Terran jumped in to dance all the American Indian dances, saw blacksmithing, worked with an old-fashioned foot-powered wood turning device, climbed inside a log canoe, and looked at a display on rigging. Oh and we learned to do the kind of four-bar beading that you see in American Indian jewelry. We vowed to do more of that at home.

The highlight for me, however, was running into people I last saw at a tiny country meetinghouse three or more years ago and hearing them say, “You look good! You look alive! You are doing something right, must be going in the right direction!”  When I think about how I was three years ago, well, yes. Things are much, much better, and it was satisfying to know that near-strangers could see that on my face. Also, it turns out they know Robin and are good friends of his dearest friends, so it made my world smaller. Oh and I got to meet the baby of another old friend that I just coincidentally bumped into there, and he was so, so sweet and mellow. I love babies. 

The big boys had no interest in either of these events. They’ve been hanging out at home watching Mythbusters and writing a novel. But they’ll get theirs. Tomorrow I am taking Verdi to that Arduino class, and hopefully after I’ll get to play the new game about mechs that Bear has been working on.