At Verdi’s party, one of the games asked him his favorite TV show. I’d never heard of it, so I just Googled. It’s not even technically a TV show. I’m not sure what type of media it actually is. Wikipedia describes it as a story presented via a video game but with minimal interaction, and it’s animated but much of the content is in a text box on the screen.

I thought his favorite things-like-TV-kids-do-these-days was Homestuck, which, aside from the labyrinthine plot, also has a weird structure: basically a comic but written partly by fans and with much media stuck into it.

This must be how the medieval rabbinic scholars’ moms felt when their kids started putting the Talmud into what would one day be called “website format”. “But words go on lines across a page! Oy, my poor head.”

I’m impressed, anyway. Verdi never did go in for simplicity. My mechanical engineer likes to construct his media.