Tinkering supplies in hand for the big kid and tinkering shoppe membership arranged for the year. Essential oils and raw shea butter and such like alt-medicinal goodies mystically provided by the universe for the little kid. And once again, I have not managed to get anything in hand for the middle kid for science. He is the only kid I have who I could give a pre-printed 180-day lesson plan to, say, “do what it says,” and know at the end of the year the thing will be done. My science teaching style is so not like that, that I overlook this poor kid’s science education every year. I must come up with a plan for him. I am full of ideas for incorporating history via great books and awash in lists of great activities to integrate a sense of writer culture into our lifestyle but I must stop and make myself plan science for Bear before it gets forgotten for another year. Last year’s plan was that he’d tag along with both older and younger siblings, but Bear doesn’t do spontaneous or tagging along. He needed his own plan.

Maybe I can broaden this notion, even, and say that Bear does best when he is given a checklist and allowed to go to. If I can make him a 180-day plan, and hand it to him, and he’ll delightedly run off and do it… well, maybe that would be playing to his strengths.