Verdi (13!) spent the day sorting through his birthday stash, playing the games he got (We Didn’t Playtest This at All and Cthulhu Dice) and trying the science stuff (a lemon clock, a model rocket, a solar hot air balloon, an optic fiber lamp). He also made us dinner. We had some good conversation over dinner about the Trayvon Martin case, comparing it to the case where a Florida mom got twenty years for firing a warning shot after slipping away from her husband, who had been just then brutally beating her, and for whom she had an order of protection. We mostly discussed race and language, though, comparing the implications of two ideas about “why poor black people talk that way.” Most of the social media response to the testimony of Trayvon’s young black friend assumes that she speaks “that” way because she is underprivileged and undereducated, but I asserted to Verdi some of the notions I’d picked up in anti-racism blogs, that these language structures are just as intelligent and deliberate as our own and represent a very wise way of hiding in plain sight, a necessity when your skin color is a crime.

Bear (10) did some artwork, careful grayscale sketches of weaponry. He spent much of the day managing the behavior of his kitten, who is quite the handful right now. He read some in an economics text (“the most important unit in economics is happiness,” he said) and read a bit in a theoretical physics book about the speed of light in a vacuum. He also ran an errand for me, going out to a grocery to get milk and butter. Oh, and he cleaned the living room. He would like it recorded that “I made an epic house in Minecraft.” He claims this should count as architecture.

Terran (7) swears that all he has done all day is play with the kitten and drink cool beverages. It’s pretty hot here today. I know he also built several spaceships from Lego, listened to me read Pippi Longstocking aloud, played more than one board game with Verdi, and cleaned the dining room.

I had a therapy appointment in the middle of the day, so I will have to take their word(s) for it, even though they always, always forget half the cool stuff they did and I have to find out about it later accidentally.