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I would have him do seventh grade again next year, because of how little we got done on our official seventh-grade goals last year (we did do many other awesome things), but our school district liason is new and uneducated and uptight, and I don’t want to stress him out by doing something weird like leaving a kid back a grade. So I’m advancing Verdi to eighth grade and just hoping next year at this time I’ll either feel confident moving him into high school or I’ll feel safe telling the school district liason that he needs to repeat a year.

Here’s the plan.

– Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
Mathematics for Everyday Living series

– The Argument Builder

– Institute for Excellence in Writing, Student Writing Intensive C
– Bravewriter
The Classical Historian: Ancient Civilizations


– The Gospels  (New Living Translation AND King James)
– Revelation (probably the graphic novel + King James)
– Ramayana by William Buck
– The Aeneid (not sure yet of whether I’m doing an adaptation with all the kids or a translation for just me and Verdi)
– Julius Caesar, No Fear Shakespeare (because I love their side-by-side, line-by-line modern English translation)


– Oxford World in Ancient Times: Ancient South Asia
– Oxford World in Ancient Times: China
– Ancient Greeks by Rosalie Baker unless I can find something less dry
– Herodotus and the Road to History by Jeanne Bendick
– Lives of Ancient Romans by Olivia Coolidge

– Trail Guide to World Geography, Secondary Student Notebook


– more projects from MAKE: Electronics
– motorized projects with Lego Technic Builders’ Guide
– whatever he feels like sitting in on at our local makerspace
Complete-A-Sketch Advanced

Foreign Language
– Power Glide Spanish
– Elementary Greek

Phys Ed
– swimming at the JCC
– rock climbing and caving at an indoor rec center
– snowboarding

Fine Arts
– Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting on DVD
– Vocal Lab
– Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory

I plan to continue with our method of making up a white board full of assignments at the beginning of each week, since that lets us get so much done.