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The boys are off to their Dungeons & Dragons game, and I’m racking my memory, trying to remember what they did these past few days. Terran (7) has been in Maryland at a fairy festival with the boys’ dad.

Friday, I think, they did some catch-up schoolwork. I’ve been writing assignments on a whiteboard for them to schedule into their week as they please. They had all but a couple of things done by Friday so I prompted them to finish. Verdi (12) did some review of operations with decimals, still tricky for him, and Bear (10) worked on commutative and associative properties of multiplication. They went to the library by themselves to resolve Bear’s fines and get him a replacement card. Bear read two Terry Pratchett novels, Wee Free Men and Hat Full of Sky this weekend, as well as the graphic novel Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken, the juvenile novel Wonkenstein by Obert Skye, and Dr. Art’s Guide to Planet Earth. Verdi read the latest issues of Science News and MAKE magazine and began the next Orson Scott Card novel in the series he is reading.

On Saturday we all went to Tulip Fest and saw pretty much nothing interesting but got to play in bouncy houses. Bear bonded with the toddler-aged son of a friend, babysitting him all day. Verdi wandered downtown with my debit card, looking for an ATM, which is probably a very important practical life skill. He found one and found us again, but got separated from us when we went off in search of dairy-free gluten-free festival food (a unicorn if ever there is one). He had to make his way out of TulipFest and on to our next stop by himself, and he did! He was only a few minutes late at the class the boys had signed up for on writing comics, led by a local author/illustrator Ira Marcks.

Sunday was all about housework, our weekly ritual of cleaning the apartment before watching a few hours of Doctor Who. At one point yesterday, though, Verdi looked through the degrees and certificates offered by our community college. He said none of them looking interesting to him except the two year “Science – Engineering” degree that is meant to let a kid go on to a real university as a junior.

This morning, Monday, their dad was supposed to pick them up, but he did not show up and I have not heard from him. The boys have been playing with Lego all day, which often happens right after everything is cleaned. Now I’d better shoo them off to catch the bus to their friends’ house for D&D.