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While reading the Usborne book Living Long Ago this morning, Terran asked me about weaving. He wasn’t sure what the word meant, he said. We have a little wooden loom from when Verdi was five or so, and I pulled it out to show him. He wove some purple yarn into the rainbow cloth that was started and was pretty absorbed in the task for awhile. Then some of the yarn began to unravel. He asked me what was going on. I told him the yarn was coming untwisted and he cocked his head to left and said, “What? I don’t understand.” So I had him go get some of my needle-felting fleece. He held one end and gently pulled while I twisted it, and he saw it go from a cloud of fuzz to a piece of yarn in a few quick seconds. Amazed, he asked if he could spin some more. I told him we’d need to put together a little hand spinning machine to really make viable yarn from the fleece.

He has been going on for some months now about wanting to have a sheep farm (me too! but he came up with it independently) and wanting to learn to knit. Tomorrow there’s a program at a local museum called “Sheep to Shawl.” The description says it, “offers demonstrations and hands-on activities related to the processing of wool, from shearing a sheep to making a shawl. Four different, unique stations keep the students actively involved as they observe and participate in the shawl-making process.” If I’m lucky, I’ll have figured out a ride up to it by then. Cross your fingers.