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Yesterday was pretty busy and today was totally lame. There was supposed to be a guitar lesson at a local community center, so I took Terran (7) down there, but the teacher didn’t show up. There was an art class going on there, though, so I ran home and grabbed Bear and took him to that. Bear (10) had a great time. Terran cried a lot. I found an old classical guitar instruction DVD and sat Terran in front of it. I am not sure if he actually got something from it – as a very immature noob he really needs a teacher to physically reposition his arms – but at least it calmed him down. After Bear got out of the art class, I brought Terran down to the Albany Children’s Book Festival, where he attempted to read the first page of every book in the room so that he could choose which to spend his $10 on. When I told him he had only an hour and was going to have to be choosy about which he read, he melted down, screamed, “YOU CAN’T JUST A BOOK BY ITS COVER!”, and I told him that if he didn’t apologize and chill out we would leave. We left. Terran’s dad was signing his own books there, though, and had arranged for a fellow author to sign some of her Ellie McDoodle books for Terran, so we didn’t leave empty-handed.

Bear was up til about 5AM with anxiety-driven insomnia (pretty commonly occurring each week on the two nights before he goes back to his dad’s). While he was up he started and finished both of the Ellie McDoodle books. Today was understandably lazy, for him and for the mama who was up all night with him. He made his friend Trent a D&D character, ran to the corner store for milk, tried to set up playdates with some friends, did black and white and color versions of a lizard man he invented.

Verdi (12) read all day today and yesterday (except for a brief interlude to tell me to put the cord he needs for his Raspberry Pi on an Amazon wishlist). He’s really into the Pure trilogy. Verdi napped too, having been woken up by Bear a few times in the night. When Bear’s not happy, nobody’s happy.

Terran (7) had a playdate this morning with his cousin, thank goodness, because of above-referenced maxim. Once Terran got home, Bear and he got into a couple of fights that almost went physical. Knowing Bear would be better if he had some introvert time, I had Terran come read in my room. He spent a few hours with Nate the Great, listening simultaneously to my old folk songs playlist. He stopped to sing along with Martin Says to his Man and Mairi’s Wedding. Now he’s drawing. Using the old tactic of directing every move they make so they don’t fight, I told Terran to get a big piece of paper and draw me a picture that met these criteria: there must be five different objects, backgrounds not included; every part of the page must be covered in color, except things that are supposed to be white like teeth or clouds. He’s been hard at work on it for a good half hour.

Ah, crud, someone’s screaming that someone else stole his seat. Later!