I am sick again. Despite chest pain, a runny nose, and a sore throat, I was in denial about it until I found myself shivering under three blankets at 1PM. Then I finally had to admit it. I get sick so often and easily that I sometimes want to go back to my doctor and say, “Are you SURE that lupus test was negative?” Here I’d been hoping that Operation Eat Produce would help boost my immune system.

After admitting to myself that I was clearly sick, I got up and cleaned the kitchen so it would be easy for the boys to put dinner together. (They’re learning to cook. Each boy has one day when it is his responsibility to provide dinner. Our state requires “practical arts” instruction “on a regular basis” and this is what we agreed would qualify for that.) As I usually do, I sang while doing the dishes. That was when I realized that this is a WAAAY different way of being ill than I have experienced before. A cold would have confined me to the couch for two days even just three weeks ago. So I guess the new diet is making a difference, even if it can’t make a miracle.