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I got sucked into a book this morning and paid no attention at all to what the children were doing, except enough to note that they mysteriously were not arguing, feeding them, and periodically refusing to give them passcodes so they could use devices. They had an electronics-free day. Somewhere in there, Bear cleaned the entire house (gearing up to request that his friends sleepover), Verdi independently chose to do some of AOPS Pre-Alg, and Terran listened to a new Anansi stories audiobook so many times that he was able to perform part of it for me on our walk out to get chili from a cafe in the afternoon. Oh and we took funny family portraits of all of us with foam armor. As I peeked in on them getting ready to sleep in their bunks, Verdi was about halfway through Ender’s Game, Terran was absorbed in Amelia Bedelia, and Bear was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Next week is the kids’ week with their dad. I plan to make one last attempt at coming up with a lesson plan and schedule that we will actually follow. If it doesn’t get done at least three days out of five the week after next (which will be my next week with the kids), then I’m canning the concept of lesson plans entirely and I am officially moving on to project-based, relaxed homeschooling.