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The boys are home from their dads’ place and we are in full-on productive mode without caffeine. I feel like a superhero.

The morning began with a doctor’s appointment for me at 8:40 AM. Robin had planned to come with me to that, then go to work, but his boss didn’t need him today so he had an unexpected entire day off. We got back just in time for my ex to drop off Terran (7), which is supposed to happen at 9 on Mondays. Verdi (12) and Bear (10) were already here, Bear because he has not been wanting to go to his dads’ at all lately, Verdi because he was dropped off yesterday so as not to miss church and religious education. His lesson in RE yesterday was on contraceptive methods. Bear’s was on lovemaking and reproduction.

Feeling like the house was a giant horrible wreck in which no one could concentrate, I gave the kids a choice between helping me clean up and doing schoolwork, but as it turned out it only took an hour to clean up. They tend to fight when not directed, on their first day back, so I started giving schoolish orders.

Verdi was given a few pages of his Pre-Algebra book but he said he felt too tired to do any. He was coughing. I said he could do Code Academy instead, or take a nap, and after a frustrating experience trying to get Code Academy to work on our old iMac that needs a new hard drive, he gave up and headed in for the nap. He’s asleep now and I’m not sure if I should wake him up to go to his Dungeons & Dragons game in an hour.

Bear read If the World Was a Village…, finally finished Beast Academy 3A, made an accordion book from How to Teach Art to Children to demonstrate line and shape concepts, gained some HTML skills he didn’t previously have (adding images, changing font styles and sizes, creating links using images and text) using Code Academy, read a chapter in a book about Celts, and participated in a discussion about the meaning of the terms AD and BC.

Terran did a few pages in a workbook on geography about using a grid and a compass rose. We read Discovery in the Cave about prehistoric cave paintings and discussed at enormous length the terms AD & BC. He read The Copycat Fish on his own and we talked about strategies for determining meaning using context. When he had finished that, he then started working on building a scrub brush robot. Over lunch (which he made himself — a cheese quesadilla), he and Robin discussed how many time traveler conventions one might need.

Now we are all off to hit the library and pick up some extra protein for dinner. I anticipate more reading later and possibly a board game. I’ve been itching for Jenga and we have been wanting to introduce Robin to Timeline.