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The classes Verdi ended up sitting in on at Spark were: Live Action Logic Puzzles, in which he acted out and helped solve some classic puzzles; Oscilloscopes, in which the teacher was given the wrong machine so the class helped him figure out how to make it work; Social Robotics, which was his least favorite because it was mostly stories of how people get attached to machines; Egg Drop, in which he successfully prevented his egg from breaking upon fall; Microgravity, where he thought there were a number of interesting other students with good questions; Magic the Gathering games, which he described as being all different rules than he was used to, but he won twice. He had absolutely no problems navigating that horribly gigantic campus by himself. I followed him around some (unable to figure out where to go myself) and he never failed to get where he was going without even glancing at his map. It was like magic.

We got back around midnight. In the car on the way home we talked about Meatloaf being classically trained, sound quality of instruments, and what technical music terms Verdi could use to describe the songs he likes. Verdi slept in this morning (because his religious education class was cancelled) while Bear and I went to the Unitarian Universalist church, as usual. Bear’s religious education class is doing sex ed this semester. Today they covered gender identity and sexual orientation (from a liberal perspective). Terran says he “put what they called kindness gems in an empty cup and I said an act of kindness.”

We walked an epic five miles today between church, a friend’s house to pick up our dog (who can’t stay home alone so has to go to a babysitter when we are at church), to a little shop for lunch and $0.50 ice cream cones (because wore green), then home. We passed by some larger, older homes in a very nice part of town, causing Terran to start asking about mansions, executive homes and estate houses. We talked about the houses I grew up in, what I liked about them (they were into all horrified by the idea of locking up cousins in the person-sized safe and enamored of the playroom I described, where we had our own arcade machines), what makes a good home, and how the cost of identical properties will vary greatly by where they are located.

Once home, the boys mostly argued. I feel like I spent the entire day just directing them away from snapping at each other.

Bear created a Dungeons & Dragons character for a friend, adapting all the stats so she could be a half-cat. He did some research on what is required to keep a hedgehog as a pet. After enormous amounts of research into various small fuzzy creatures suitable for keeping in apartments, I have promised Bear he may get a hedgehog as soon as the local breeder has babies again. He decided to name the new hedgehog after his recently deceased cat, who was called Pudding Cerberus Tachnyan Storm I. We agreed that to avoid confusion we would call the hedgehog, Pudding Cerberus Tachnyan Storm II, “Cerberus.” This tickled me. In Ukrainian folklore, hedgehogs are chthonic nature spirits. I had to tell Bear that and the stories I knew. Perhaps because he’d been thinking of poor, sweet Pudding’s untimely demise, Bear created a little label for the jar of Pudding’s remains reside within. I didn’t realize he was working on it til he brought it to me, all teary-eyed. It said, “Requiescat in Paws.”

Terran read a book about the spring equinox and some in a beginning chapter book plus watched Muzzy Spanish again. He spent a good amount of time drawing galleons  and other money pieces from Harry Potter for use in imaginary play.

Verdi has been hiding in his room all day, sleeping or pretending to, except when one of his brothers or me attempted to interact with him, and when I sent him on a walk to get his grumpies out. It’s hard being twelve in a modern society.

I figure we’ll all grumpy because we’re tired and I fed us all early so we can just go to bed. Two of us are nursing headaches too. I hope this isn’t going to be a flu. Our schedule next week is insane.