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What happened last night? Hm… I don’t think I can remember, ack! This is why I need to write these every night. I am pretty sure the kids had computer turns and spent them watching video game walkthroughs. We had a quick dinner of ravioli and spinach salad. Oh, that’s right, now I remember…

The big boys were helping straighten up and Terran (7) was getting in their way, so I made him sit on the couch and read. He saw that he was on the second-to-last chapter of Franny K Stein and squeeked in distress. We were just at the library the day before and hadn’t gotten the sequel because I was sure it’d take him a week to finish the first one. His reading is really speeding up. He chose not to read the last chapter until he had the sequel in hand, so he went through a stack of picture books instead. We have been studying prehistory pretty much all year. I meant to do all of ancients but prehistory is deep and interesting and I just haven’t gotten through everything I wanted to do with it yet. So Terran read a Jan Brett title about the first dog. He also read Beautiful Oops again (and Bear [10] read it, too, over his shoulder) and read The Story of Easter. He went back into The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs, too. I told him Ms Frizzle is a Time Lord. He readily agreed she must be, and the Magic School Bus a TARDIS of course, Liz the perfect companion, but his brothers wanted to debate the history of the phrase “time lord” (versus “time lady”) and that led to an interesting discussion on feminism and titles and media. In the course of reading, Terran asked me to define a large number of words related to prehistory and science, including paleontologist and a bunch of animal names I don’t recall.

Verdi (12) and Bear read the Mutants and Masterminds game manual together, over each others’ shoulders. They are planning a campaign.

They have not been wanting me to sing at bedtime lately so I am trying to make up for that by singing while I clean and cook in the evening. Yesterday I heard Terran and Bear both singing back Oh Mary Don’t You Weep. I’ve been learning that because it is one of the songs Dad mentioned wanting at his funeral, and I recently got a letter from him in which he mentioned his end-of-life plans. The boys have such beautiful voices. I wish they would sing more.

In the middle of the night, when I finally attempted to go to bed, Bear woke up crying. He told me about his worries and fears and I think I was able to reassure him. It meant a last minute change of plans, though, leaving him at home instead of taking him to MIT today. Poor kiddo. He would have loved it here. So much math everywhere. Next time.