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It’s been a productive day already.

We discovered when we awoke that our Equinox basket wheatgrass had sprouted up a good inch under its dark cover, so we placed the baskets on the shelf by the window.

Verdi (12) is busily soldering up some circuits after writing a message back to a mentor. He’s so careful with his writing; he wanted me to check after each draft. He was more than a little freaked out about his ability to do this particular kit, and he procrastinated and we argued, but when I walked away and let him solve his problems himself, he was able to think it through and get it done. He came back to me excitedly telling me how it would work after all. During a lunch break, he watched Standard Deviants Pre-Algebra DVD, just to review since standardized tests are coming up in a month.

Bear (10) was reading The Slimy Stuarts, a history book, this morning when I awoke. (He is the earliest riser in the household, often up at 5 AM.) He did some cleaning up and took the dog for a walk, invented another card game, then did several units in his grammar book on using articles with general and specific nouns, modifier placements, verb tense agreement, “a” vs. “an”, comparitive vs. superlative modifiers, and the difference between modifying adverbs and adjectives. Next he switched to mathematics and worked on problems with perimeter and area.

Terran (7) completely freaked out this morning. I don’t think he’s used to me focusing so much on Verdi’s projects. After kind of a lot of crying and an impromptu nap, he read four chapters of his current book and watched a Muzzy Spanish video. I wanted to read to him a bunch today but I am a bit burned out after interfacing with all that blubbering this morning. Happily, I just checked a bunch of Spanish materials out of the library for him, so he can watch all day.